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Kimberly A. Gilmour P.A.

Contracts and Handbooks 

Breaches of Contract: For Employers

An employer that discovers an employee has breached the terms of a contact has certain rights to enforce the terms of the contract. Effective legal advice and representation is crucial to ensure the employer handles the breach of contract with the employee while adhering to all laws and regulations they are governed by.

Breaches of Contract: For Employees

An employee that is knowingly in breach of their contract with his/her employer has multiple legal options to help mitigate damages.

An employee that is accused of being in breach of their contract with his/her employer that believes they have been wrongfully terminated and/or retaliated against have multiple legal options.

Employment Handbooks

With extensive experience in drafting employee handbooks, manuals, policies and procedures, Kimberly Gilmour makes the process easy for employers.